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Craft Ideas For Ecological And Long-lasting Scented Sachets

Thorough cleaning and reorganization of the wardrobe happen so infrequently. The stifling air is uncomfortable and is enemy number one of the freshly washed dress pieces. In addition to the regular ventilation we recommend to tinker a simple and completely natural scented sachet for the closet himself, who will arrange for a pleasant fresh scent. This will keep your favorite clothes fresh for a long time. Now we come to our craft ideas.

Craft ideas with aromatic herbs and flowers

Such fragrant aroma bag can make you quite easily. Take a piece of any fabric or tulle and put you lavender, rose petals, jasmine or other herbs and flowers of your choice. Tie them with a bow. To enhance the flavor, add some drops of your favorite aroma oil.

Mint and lemon are a good choice, especially during the summer days because they refresh the air beautifully.

Two in one - protection and aroma

An orange and cloves are all you need for this Kleiderschrankerfrischer. Make holes in the Orange Sadik using a needle and insert cloves. A good alternative is to use Clementine. Let dry for a few days and then put into cinnamon pieces into the holes previously made. Place this in a corner of the closet. This idea for a pleasant scent and also protects you from moths.

Are you a tea drinker? Then don't throw away just the used tea bag. These are a perfect refresher for the closet. To enhance the flavor yet, enter a few drops of aromatherapy oil to.

Rice bag

Get some fresh air of scent with your bag craft ideas.

Add a handful of rice in a bowl and give to different flower petals, scented oils, cinnamon, etc. let the rice for some time the flavors well absorb. Then distribute these in small cotton bags and tie them with colorful ribbons. Desire you can decorate these with glass beads in addition. Distribute the rice bags in your cupboards and provide you good-smelling clothes, as if it were freshly washed.

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