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Greeting Cards, Tinker And Produce Unique For Every Occasion

Greeting cards yourself tinker and produce unique for every occasion

Even in times of emails, SMS and whats app the personally written word is still getting much more than a short written message of greeting. Events there are finally enough and who really wants to stay in the memory, would like to tinker for greeting cards yourself. Meanwhile, there is so much choice of motifs and so many techniques that a little guide can not harm.

From joy in the craft - making greeting cards for every occasion

In the field of handicrafts, there are many new techniques and materials, it would be a shame to limit only on paper and glossy pictures. Regardless of the occasion greeting cards can be made particularly complex and versatile, here are a few beautiful techniques:

This part still quite new techniques allowing tinker very many nice and above all unique cards. There are a plethora of motifs and ideas for every occasion, and their own creativity can be lived out fully. Tinker what techniques to the cards are especially popular and which also just how expressive?

Make cards with little material itself

For some card technology, you need a comprehensive guide, but there are plenty others who can be easily refinished. By the way, this is also a very good opportunity to involve the younger generation. love to help and can make even simple cards. Birthday cards, wedding cards or Christmas cards is almost always needed, because these events take place every year. The materials list for these cards is relatively small:

Double-sided tape, hot glue gun, craft scissors, pen to describe

Heavy weight colored paper, tracing paper with motifs

Decorative ornaments such as beads, discs, or other on the occasion of map matching


Should be considered when selecting the size of the map to fit in an envelope. But also can be made easily, so arrive also the big wishes still well protected.

In the first step, the heavy weight colored paper, which serves as a base, a map is clipped to the desired level. Should it be a fold-out map, this will be taken into consideration. Now, the heavy weight colored paper can be designed according to own needs. The front can be with tracing paper that is cut off in a strip, cover up. To the best double-sided tape is suitable, because both liquid glue and a glue stick would push through. The double-sided tape cut easily in a narrow strip and the edges of the card front to cover.

This way, you can make each card individually on the occasion and also to the season. It dried flowers or leaves or pearls, jewelry and much more can be used. Finally, the map is labeled yet. A Sharpie define liner is suitable very well, there are these pins in many colours and stroke widths. As a text field, two differently sized and colored stripe heavy weight colored paper cut out and glued on the front of the card. Here, all congratulations can enter, so that to recognize is the purpose of the self made map.

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