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Cheap Mini Houses - The Residential Style Of The New Time

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Innovative and affordable living

The Portuguese architect MIMA recently presented its super cheap prefabricated homes after the minimalist, Japanese architecture. These modular structures posts and beams consist of attractive, glazed bowls, which are divided by wooden frame can be built differently. See our beautiful Gallery and convince of the flexible, great mini houses, which are also very reasonably priced.

Apart from the glazed bowls, the MIMA is complemented prefabricated house with extra plywood panels that can be used as additional walls. These walls are also out there to install, to allow the Sun's rays or block. In the House, you can make even more living space by these partitions. The colored panels can accomplish fits the ambience or the style in the rooms.

So cute seen from the outside

Prefabricated construction materials created, the MIMA cost-effective and exceptionally easy-to-install Minihaus both -. Our friends at CubeMe point out, this cottage will look very similar to the Japanese House, with screens, panels and mats are combined.A MIMA House proves to be intended as the home of the new age, when we all strive to facilitate our everyday life and lifestyle.

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